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Starting School

Starting school is an important milestone for every child and their family.

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Starting school is an important milestone for every child and their family. At Busy Bees we aim to do all we can to support and celebrate this transition, ensuring that children are well prepared for their next stage of learning.

All of the activities and experiences we provide in our centres are designed to provide your child with a foundation of skills and attributes that will help them to be confident and capable learners, ready for the next chapter in their lives. In the term before children leave our centres to start school we also provide additional experiences to help develop their confidence for their transition.

Each week we will share our expertise, including ideas and suggestions that you can embrace together at home.

Children’s early experiences are paramount for their future success and these are influenced by many factors including the impact of their early education and care. Within all Busy Bees centres it is a firm belief that all children need to be able to start school:

  • ready to learn
  • able to make friends and play
  • confident to ask for what they need
  • voice what they think

Our school ready journey

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at different ways to support you and have developed resources to help support your child in the run up to starting school.

To get started, download my journey to school tracker to support your child in getting ready for school.

Remember, for additional support and advice you can log into the UP app which has a tremendous amount starting school activities, advice and inspiration.

Follow this page for weekly updates, advice and activities to support your child on their exciting next chapter in life.

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