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Frequently Asked Questions

Have another question? See if you can find the answer below. If you still need help, please speak to your local nursery or contact us.

Fees and funding

We're afraid not – sorry. If you'd like a place at a Busy Bees nursery, your child will need to come along for at least two half sessions, or one full day, each week. Speak to your local nursery about your specific needs - they'll be more than happy to help.

Of course! We know it's not always easy to cover the costs of childcare, so we're pleased to offer a variety of funding options at our nurseries – including 30 hours funded childcare. If you're not sure whether you qualify, speak to your local nursery to work out the right funding option for you. You can find more about childcare funding at Busy Bees here.

Your child's meals and snacks are all covered in your nursery fee, so you won't need to make any additional payments. Their nursery place includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a variety of tasty snacks throughout the day, and we can cater for all kinds of dietary requirements and allergies as well as fussy eaters. Just talk to your nursery team if your child has any specific needs. You can take a look at an example menu here.

For Funding codes at our centres in England please submit here

Once your payment has been processed you will receive a receipt of payment via email. We will also send you a further email to confirm that you space is secured. After this we will be in touch regularly to provide you with all the information that you need prior to your little ones start date with Busy Bees.

Tax Free Childcare is a government scheme to support eligible working parents with their childcare costs, offering up to £2,000 per child, per year. We have information available to help guide you through funding and tax-free childcare options for your family. For full information from the Government and links on how to apply please click here. If you are a parent in England, click here to view our comprehensive guide to fees and funding


Simple! Just click the link below.
There are over 350 nurseries in the Busy Bees Group across the UK, that deliver high quality childcare and exciting learning opportunities that give every child a head start as they prepare for school.

To check availability for a place or to request an application form after a visit or for a sibling please contact the Central Enrolments Team on 0330 333 8133.

Our Application Forms are unique to each family and protected by 2-factor authentication, therefore, to request a form please speak to our Central Enrolments Team on 0330 333 8133.

Starting nursery

Starting nursery is an emotional time, for you as well as for your child. After all, it’s a big step! So, we’ll do everything we can to help your child settle in and give you peace of mind.

Before your child starts nursery, you're welcome to come for a settling-in session. During the session, you'll have the chance to watch your child explore nursery and interact with other children and staff. We'll also assign your child a Key Person. Their Key Person is your dedicated contact while your child is at nursery, and they'll keep you updated on their progress each day. If there are any problems at all, they'll let you know. Speak to your local nursery if you'd like to know more about settling-in sessions.

Normally, your Centre Director will be in touch around 8 weeks before your planned start date to get these important sessions booked into your diary. However, if your start date is sooner than 8 weeks then we will arrange these sessions much earlier.

If you need to amend your child's start date or planned booking pattern, simply speak to your Centre Director. Please note that this will be subject to our Terms and Conditions

What's included

Whether or not we provide nappies varies from nursery to nursery. In some, we offer an all-inclusive package that covers nappies for children under 2. In others, we ask parents to provide their own. Talk to your local nursery to check whether you'll need to supply your own nappies.

Yes, they do! All of our nurseries have wonderful, fully equipped outdoor spaces for your child to explore. We plan every space carefully to extend learning opportunities, inspire creativity and – just as importantly – provide different ways to play. Resources like our mud kitchens, trikes and more are always available for children to use, and we run special activities outdoors too. Find your local nursery to learn more about their facilities.


UP is Busy Bees unique learning programme and app, inspired by our promise to give children the best start in life, in and out of nursery.

"UP" stands for "Unleashing Potential", because that's exactly what we've designed this programme to do. Made for children aged 0 to 5, it's filled with an inexhaustible range of activities and advice for every age and stage of nursery children, and the app puts it all at parents fingertips. You can learn more about UP here, or download a sample pack.

Busy Bees parents and educators can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To find the right app for you, look at the colours – the parent app is teal, and the educator app is purple. Find UP at the App Store here and the Play Store here.

Our UP learning programme is jam-packed with activities and information, all designed to help your child learn and grow. You'll find professional advice from our team of experts on everything from healthy eating to preparing for school, as well as hundreds of activities for you to try. There are even 50 songs to listen, sing, and dance to with your child, recorded just for Busy Bees. You can learn more about UP here or download a sample pack here.

If you are a Busy Bees parent, just enter the email address you have registered with nursery. This will be the same email that your invoices are sent to. If you are not sure which email address you have used you can check with your nursery manager. If you are a Busy Bees practitioner, your manager will provide you with your log in details.

Sorry – only parents of Busy Bees children and educators at Busy Bees will be able to use the app. It’s all part of how we give the children at our nurseries their very best start in life.


Yes, they certainly can! You can book a minimum of two half-day sessions or one full day each week. Just talk to your local nursery to discuss exactly what you need.

For lots of children and for all kinds of reasons, food can be a bit tricky. In fact, that’s exactly why we don’t allow packed lunches or snacks from home at our nurseries; many of the children in our care have allergies, and we just can’t put their safety at risk.

Instead, we provide fresh and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks at every one of our nurseries. Our menus are healthy, varied, and NHS approved, and we cater for special dietary requirements, cultural food choices, allergies, and fussy eaters, so every child can look forward to tasty food they love to eat. It’s all covered in your nursery fee, too. You can take a look at an example menu here.

Sorry, we don't offer creche facilities at Busy Bees nurseries. You'll need to book a minimum of two half-day sessions or one full day at nursery each week to book a place. Have a chat with your local nursery if you'd like to know more.

Yes, we do – we call them settling-in sessions. If you're interested in a settling-in session, start by booking a visit to your local nursery; they can tell you more about how it works.

Enrolment Events are like open days or open weeks at Busy Bees. It's a chance for you to visit your local nursery, take a look around, and see some of our exciting activities in action. Talk to your local nursery if you’d like to know more.